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e had a litter of puppies born on the 14th December 2008. One of them went to

live with Sandie and Simon.  They named their puppy Tio and he left us one cold day in February 2009. Tio was not their first dog they had previously had a bichon frise named Fudge who

had sadly passed away some 12 months before.  They felt that their house was empty

without the ‘pitter patter’ of a four-legged companion and decided that a Bolognese

would hopefully fill that gap.
I thought I would share with you Tio’s story as regards settling in, his development and his progression up to and including his 1st Birthday in a few weeks time. They had a long drive

ahead of them when they came to us to collect Tio and the forecast was ‘snow’.  We waved goodbye and Sandie and Simon promised that they would email us when they arrived home. 

We hoped that Tio would sleep for most of the journey.  We were a little anxious due to

the very poor weather forecast.
We received an email early evening, which read as follows:
“Brilliant journey home although very long nearly 3 hours plus but Tio was really great, he really seemed to enjoy the car.  Our daughter rang and then informed us it was snowing and was

sticking very fast.  She was right it was quite bad.  Tio seemed to think it was fun though.”


Tio’s first day
His first night in his new bed and home was fine although it was an early start for us, he soon let us know when he was awake and needing to go out. Today Tio went with us to the Windmill to

get it ready for our guest tonight, he thought that was fun.  We showed him around the six

floors and he loved sitting in his comfy bed watching us work!!  He has met so many new

faces today including our grandson; he will certainly love taking Tio for walks when he starts to

walk himself.  We also took him to our local pub where everyone used to love Fudge and spoil him, they thought it was great that we have a new puppy and hopes he will be a regular visitor there!
The day ended with a trip to our vets, he liked that very much and loved the fuss the vet gave him. He has worn his collar all day and seems to have adjusted to it very well.  He seems to learn very quick and already can understand our command of “UP” amazing.  He is very much like Fudge in the things he does and the way he looks and we are sure he will be a really loving and devoted friend for us both and give us a life of fun and pleasure and love.  Tomorrow we are going to

Banbury and a trip to ‘Pets at Home’ is top of the list, not that he is going to be spoilt!!!
  Day 5

We had our grandson Raife for the day on Tuesday.  Tio was very well behaved and played quite happily around Raife with his own toys and eventually they both fell asleep together on the sofa.  He is a very loving puppy and really enjoys being in the family and joining in all our activities. 

He is truly a wonderful little puppy.  Simon spent the day with him alone today and enjoyed

every moment of it, he has made a good companion for him when I am out.  He really looks

forward to his meal times and sits patiently by his food bowls and certainly enjoys his food!


We have started to teach him some commands and have tried putting him on a lead; with time I am sure he will be very good.  He is good with commands, as he seems to learn very quickly. 

He really loves the garden but tends to find all the dirty spots; he came in covered in mud today.  Simon thought he better clean him up before “mummy” got home, they both knew they would be

in trouble!  We are still taking him out on little journeys in the car and still he really likes it. 

We put his crate in our room last night and he settled down very well, he loves to lie on something that belongs to either of us so he can smell that we are near, it really does comfort him.
Day 11

Tio has been a good boy for us and is learning very fast.  We have bought him a walking harness, which he loves to wear, and training to walk on the lead is still fun for him.  We are getting him to socialise with all the people we meet, they just love to stop us just to give him a stroke.
 We went to the grand opening of ‘Pets at Home’ he is definitely a crowd puller; many people enquired what breed he was and have never even heard of the breed.


He sleeps through the night and loves his bed. He is getting to know 7 am is his time to get up for his morning cuddle.  Tio loves the garden and asks to go out, he would play out there all day if he could!  He is so good with our grandson and really settled with him even when Raife is noisy,

he really doesn’t care.  That is really brilliant.  We certainly now know what was missing

from our lives when we lost Fudge.
Day 21
I have now had my second injection but I didn’t like the lady vet. She was not nice not like the

man vet I first saw. He was lovely and gave me a cuddle, so I thought I would be naughty and cause a noise, but she called another lady vet who put this horrible thing on my mouth and then stabbed me with a needle.  Mummy said she would only take me to the nice man in future.  I am really a good boy.  I now walk on my lead and just love the treats mummy has in her hand,

they are worth being good for!  I am still a very good boy at night and when I am told its bedtime

I wait by the stairs (I can run up them myself) but I do love my personal ‘mummy stair lift’.


I have been at the Windmill today, and I was allowed to explore the grounds.  Mummy has to watch me carefully though just in case I get lost.  Its great, I could really get into mischief but I don’t want to get into trouble.  I have been in the car today to take it to the menders. I was allowed in the little teashop while the parents had a coffee, where was mine!  Everyone made a fuss of me,

oh I am so nice, and I just love all the fuss I get.  I am growing really fast and I am just so

lucky having such a loving mummy and daddy.  I’m so happy they chose me.  They are going

to take me for a first walk tomorrow, camera in hand I expect!
Day 34

I have now been out nearly every day for walks and mummy said I am being very good on the lead. I just love to smell everything.  So many things are interesting and I am so curious about everything I see.  Mummy and daddy took me to a really strange place where they had a drink.  I think something was in my water, as I needed a carry home!!! Photo to prove it!


I am getting a really big boy now.  Mummy keeps saying I am a mischief maker.  I don’t know

what that means though! But I love to get dirty in the garden.  I am only helping them with the

digging but oops! My face keeps going black with mud.  Mummy brushes me every morning and night and in between if I get too dirty.  I really love this, mummy keeps me looking handsome,

well everyone tells me that.  Better go now as its time for a nap, all these adventures

really make my eyes heavy.
Love Tio x

Adventures of Tio and the Frog

I have been having lots of fun since my last note and I have been a very good boy.  I think I am very handsome, but everyone keeps thinking I am a little girl.  Mummy puts them right though

but they say I am too pretty to be a boy.  I really do not want to get a complex in later life!!
 Mummy and daddy take me for a walk every day I really love this time.  I find so many

interesting things and I have met loads of other dogs but they don’t look like me.
I love to climb the stairs so I can sit on the balcony and look out over the water but mummy says

I shouldn’t in case I hurt myself, they are going to buy a stair guard, it’s just so unfair!  They take me to a big toy shop every week to buy my food and if I am lucky another toy and I can choose it myself.  I have my own toy box now and I love to get them out and play with them all. 

When mummy does the washing I just love to help.  I am very clever at unloading the machine

for her, especially the socks.  I have quite a collection now.  I always wondered why daddy

walks around in odd socks!
When it was bed time last night and had to go outside for my last wee I made a new little friend, well I thought he was my friend but when I tried to pick him up and bring him in he made my

mouth hurt.  Mummy shouted so I quickly dropped him.  I was really scared and couldn’t understand.  I only wanted a playmate.  Daddy went on to the Internet very quick to find out

all about frogs and dogs.  Mummy was really upset but I was fine after five minutes, daddy

reckons I have learnt a valuable lesson, I'm not so sure though!


I have sent you a picture of me and my teddy just chilling out, he is one of my favourite toys

I take him to bed with me every night.  Tomorrow I am going to help with the garden; mummy

and daddy are going to dig a big hole I think I am going to be a great help to them!
Love to you all. See you soon Tio xxx



I thought you would like to see Raife and myself. He is my play-mate every Tuesday. 

We do have lots of fun together, but we always seem to end up sleeping together. 

Love Tio xxx


Have a very good Easter. See you next week.
Love Tio xxx


Adventures of Tio continued
It was so nice to see you at the Bolognese club show.  I enjoyed seeing Bonnie and Rio again. 

I hope they did remember me.  I loved meeting all the new people and all the other fluffy Bolo’s. 

I especially like all the girlies!  Mummy and daddy were really pleased with me and said I had

been a very good boy and I love being good so I get loads of cuddles from them both.  I have

been out walking lots now the weather is getting better and I always pick a stick up and carry

it with me.  Mummy says Fudge never did do that, she thinks it’s funny.
Mummy and daddy took me to doggy hospital on Friday because I haven’t been very well.  We all had to get out of bed.  I went in the car really late at night it was so dark.  The nurse gave me

two injections and some medicine she then said I have bad manners.  I think it’s because I was

a bit naughty and would not sit still, but in the end I gave her a big cuddle and she gave me

a big kiss in return, that was nice.
I am feeling better now and mummy and daddy are very pleased.  I have been a very good boy

and I sit and eat my tablets all up.  I am going on holiday in June to a hotel where Fudge used

to go.  I will be allowed to sit with my mummy and daddy while they have their dinner and they

are going to take me to see the seaside.  I don’t know what that is yet though!
I have lost loads of teeth now and my new ones are coming through, but I am not allowed to bite anything other than my own toys.  I do try but I get told off and mummy gets cross with me. 

I think I’d better be good I don’t like being in bad books, not that I know what that means either!!
 Mummy has taught me loads of tricks and I can now do “roll over” as well as shake a paw and

sit and down.  I like to make them happy and it makes me have a very waggy tail. 

I just hope it doesn’t waggle off!!
Raife is coming to play tomorrow I really like him he has loads of toys as well.  He always has dinner on his face though.  I think it could do with a big lick.  I would love to help out but

mummy says I am not allowed. BORING!!
Hopefully I can see you all again, I would love to play with Bonnie and Rio.
Love Tio xxx


I love your new website, it was nice to see myself on it and all the other Bolo's. 

I am now six months old and mummy and daddy say I am such a good boy.  Today I have

been playing with Raife, it is his 1st Birthday on Saturday the same day as my mummy's they

are having a party, that will be fun.  I have sent you another picture I hope you like it.
Love Tio x


I am really clever now and you can see how big I have grown too. 

It will be my birthday soon.  I will send you some photos when I am one year old!! 

Mummy says I will be a very big boy then.



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