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 ~~ We have no puppies at present time ~ ~



    Puppies are occasionally available to responsible owners who are willing to provide good loving homes.  I may ask you to fill in a questionnaire or ask for a reference. Our puppies are not available until they are at least 10 weeks old.  They come with their dew claws removed by the vet and are also examined by the vet prior to leaving us for their new homes.  They are fully wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and come with 4 weeks free pet insurance.  They are kennel club registered, eye tested by an Ophthalmic Veterinary Surgeon for PRA.  Along with puppy comes a comprehensive puppy pack containing items specifically for a bolognese with information on all aspects of care, nutritional needs, grooming and training.  In addition everyone gets a 5 generation pedigree certificate. 

    All our puppies are reared in our home.  Indeed they start their life in my bedroom where I can keep a watch over them at night.  When they are 4 weeks old, they are then brought up to experience household noises such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, tumble dryer, television and radio.  I like to play them music starting off with classical through to a broad spectrum of sound. From 5 weeks of age I allow them access to the outdoors.  I encourage them to play outside in the garden to let them experience different smells and noises. This gives them confidence and allows them to develop some independence at their own pace.  From 7 weeks of age I allow each puppy to wear a collar and then a lead.  I like to take them for short walks on our own land (weather permitting).  In addition I take all puppies out in the car for short drives to experience and familiarise them with traveling in a car before their first vaccinations.  The reason for this is that the puppies will not associate riding in the car with going to the vet.  It also allows a puppy to get used to traveling, thus helping to stop any possible travel sickness.

    I prefer potential new owners to visit at least once before I agree to let them have one of my precious puppies. Our home is always open for people to visit and to see our Bolognese dogs.  Particularly those people who are considering sharing their life with a Bolognese.  Indeed future Bolognese owners need to know what is involved with caring for a Bolognese puppy.  A dog is for life and ownership should not be taken lightly.  Most importantly I do not breed that often and therefore my puppies are very precious to me.  I need to be assured that my puppy will have every need and care met, including seeking veterinary advice and treatment as soon as it is needed and ensuring puppy suffers no mental or physical distress.  We do tell any potential dog owners that if their circumstances change and they can no longer keep the puppy/dog whatever age to contact us first with regard to re-homing.

    What can I say further about the Bolognese except that they are the ideal family pet.  Do not be deceived by their size, as they are very intelligent.  I can only describe them as being what I term as A proper dog but in a small body.

    If I have no puppies available I may be able to recommend a reputable breeder who does.



Moorhey Bolognese Dogs
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