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Moorhey is a small kennel of Bolognese, we call them our little cherubs.
Our dogs are adored and much loved pets, they live with us in our home. They are a delight to own and are

true companion dogs. Their general nature is a sweet, amiable, charming and undemanding temperament.

Their main characteristic is that they follow you wherever you go, they cannot bear to let you out of sight. 

Indeed they will go anywhere with you and will stand or sit by your side and never leave.

They are always faithful and loyal to their owners.  We also enjoy showing and attend shows

whenever possible, providing the dogs enjoy it also. 


We firmly believe that what you put into your dog you will get out.  All our dogs are fed on holistic dog food,

fresh organic meat, poultry, game and fish where possible.  Their diet contains vegetables, fruit and cheese.  

They also have one dish of goat's milk everyday. 

Ultimately our Bolognese dogs' health is very much important to us and we
want to breed healthy dogs that are free of any defects that can be passed on. 

To this end we have progeny Patella tested. Also our dogs are eye tested by an Ophthalmic Veterinary

Surgeon on a yearly basis for CPRA.  In addition all our dogs are DNA tested. 

I am also a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.




 What more can I add only to say they are so delightful. I really cannot fault them and they are infectious

because when you have one, you want another, I could not imagine life without one.


For further information on this delightful breed please contact us




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Moorhey Bolognese Dogs
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